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The best place to meet with an escort is in her place. You should never go to her place without being invited. If she wants to meet you at your place, you should give her the address and wait for her call.

If she asks you to come to her place, don’t hurry or be nervous. This means that she has already checked out your profile and knows that you are a decent gentleman. She will be looking forward to meeting you and wants to see how things unfold between the two of you.

What to wear?

The first thing that an escort always checks out is your appearance. She wants to know if she can trust you with her body and mind, especially if it’s for more than just one session. So, dress up properly and look neat before meeting with an escort lady.

Escorts are often booked for private appointments, which typically take place at a hotel or private residence. The client will usually pay the escort directly and there is no involvement from an agency.

The client and escort can arrange to meet on the same day to discuss their requirements and agree on a price. The client should be aware that some escorts will not offer outcall services (where they visit you at your home or hotel), so always check with them first.

Overseas escorts?

If you are travelling abroad, it is also possible to find escorts in some countries who do not speak English as their first language. It is best to book these girls in advance as they may have limited availability (especially if they are working during the week).

Some escorts may offer incall services only, where they visit you at your home or hotel room for an appointment. In this case, it is important that the client checks whether there will be any extra charges for incall services before booking an escort.

Key takeaways

The biggest tip that I can give you is to set the appointment up before you arrive at the location. The main reason I say this is because if you do it before you arrive then there’s no chance that you will lose your nerve. Once you have meetup then it’s easier for her to check if you’re nervous because she will have time to talk to you before the appointment starts and she can also see how confident you are in your presentation.

The best way to arrange a meeting with an escort is for the two of you to agree on the time, date, and location in advance. You will definitely want the background noise of other people around when you first meet an escort; this gives you a good opportunity to assess the person’s character and determine if they are who they say they are.

If you are planning to meet someone from an escort agency, then I hope you have found this training helpful. Please be aware that many things could go wrong if you do not follow the steps to meet up with someone safely and it is important that you take the necessary precautions. Now is a good time to quickly go over all of the steps again, just to be sure you remember them for your own good.

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